Tropical Wall Art "Rhythmic Curves" Wall Wave Sculpture

Give that empty wall a pulse with this awesome tropical wall art wave sculpture by metal artist Brian Jones. Constructed of air craft grade aluminum.

Measures: 28" x 6" x 2" (Vertically Displayed) includes two layered art panels

Style/Type: Tropical, Abstract Metal Wall Sculpture

Artist: Brian Jones - San Diego, CA - Art is Shipped with Certificate of Authenticity and Signed by the Artist

Display and Mounting: Sculpture is made from 100% aluminum and weighs about 3 lbs - very light and can be mounted on any wall type. Just hang on wall with your fastener of choice. Good for Indoor / Outdoor Display (not recommended for direct sun exposure )

Recommended Lighting: LED White (3000K) or Halogen Track Lighting

Material: Air Craft Grade Aluminum Panels

Color: This tropical wall art features various blue, green, and purple painted shades over sanded metal panel with a natural aluminum base. Dramatic contrasts in the sculptures appearance can be achieved with track lighting and/or positioning of the art properly with regard to background reflections and colors.

Category: Blue, green, Silver

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