About the Artist

Artist Information: 

Brian Jones 

San Diego, CA Metal Artist

Studied at The Savannah College of Art & Design

Creating Wall Art and Sculpture since 1991

Brian's work is featured in thousands of private collections, and galleries all across the US, and internationally in over 40 Countries

Best known for bold metal art designs and LED lighted wall art pieces

Since 2010, DV8 Studio gallery is the exclusive venue for Brian's metal work, with over 10,000 of his pieces sold to date and growing every day!

About the Artist:

At a very young age, Brian found his path as a mixed media artist. As a child, he would create elaborate stencils to spray his own rock 'n roll t-shirts, airbrush murals on left over cardboard, and even manufacture the occasional wooden go cart that resembled a space shuttle! Of course, as he's moved on his work has taken on some slightly more sophisticated concepts. "I still have a great appreciation for making art out of everyday items and making cool stuff from leftover things in the garage. I believe that is where you find your own creative talent. You are creating in a trial and error environment, and in essence defining your individual technique and style....plus, it's just good fun.

From the time he was able pick them up, Brian has had a passion for working with tools. Taking things apart, and sometimes getting them back together was his specialty as a boy. These days he is more reputed for his skill in working with a multitude of specialty tools ranging from sanders, saws and grinders to routers, welders, and CNC plasma machines to create his amazing abstract metal wall art collection. "Tools are pieces of art. I find that essentially my art is an operation of problem solving. A vision for a piece is obstructed by the need to rearrange, sculpt, or transform the materials into different shapes or sizes to achieve the desired results.Therefore, tools make it possible to realize my creations, and each one is thoughtfully crafted, and purposefully designed just like a piece of art."

Today Brian is best known for his work in contemporary metal wall art and lighted wall art. His use of strong shapes, sharp lines, and reflecting movement and depth deliver big impressions on first sight, filling the viewer with emotion and evoking a response - often "wow" is described as the first word! Brian believes incorporating these bold and dramatic compositions creates a statement that speaks to you, and moves you to spark conversation."I think talking about art, wondering about why or how it was made, who made it, or why it interests us is one of the most human things we can do - as I believe art is a pure reflection of our experience and nature, and that's an awesome thing"


Current Projects:

Brian spends the bulk of his time in his studios in San Diego working with new techniques and concepts. Recently, Brian has been experimenting with new technologies in his art, as a form of function to develop a unique, interactive experience with the viewer. His exciting new creations have sparked a tidal wave in modern metal art with the origination of his LED infused Metal art and sculptures. Pioneering this new genre, he has opened a whole new concept in what a piece of art can be. The user has control of the color, brightness, and lighting pattern of their art - to reflect and/or inspire mood and tone in their living space at any time."With my LED metal art pieces, my creative process is based on the fusion of differing elements, to create a massive contrast, spectacular light with a sense of motion and energy, blended with the metal canvas which is rigid and structural....mixing these two elements together can create some very interesting subject matter, and is extremely entertaining to the eye" You can check out our gallery of LED Infused Art Here


"I would like to thank all of my fans, fiends, and family for making this possible, and supporting independent artists! I truly appreciate your support and interest in my work, and hope you enjoy owning it as much as I did creating it!"

                                                                                                                                                                          - Brian Jones