Introduction to Our Unique Metal Art!

What is Modern Abstract Metal Art?

Modern abstract metal art is a type of contemporary art made from metal materials (most commonly aluminum alloy, but also with copper, brass, and steel materials) The designs are created by skillful sanding and/or grinding into the metal surface to create the desired shapes, figures, or patterns. This develops deep, three dimensional textures in the metal's surface which catch the surrounding light, showcasing dazzling movement and reflections to the viewer. The artwork may also feature very bright semi-transparent paints which allow light through, to create stunning visual effects. LED color changing back-lighting is a technique pioneered exclusively by DV8 Studio artist Brian M Jones in 2012, and adds a whole new dimension to the awesome nature of this artwork. Seeing it in person is truly the only way to fully appreciate its beauty! For detailed information about our artwork see our Creative Process page. For popular questions and answers about our website and art see our FAQ's page.

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Who is the artist?

All of our art is hand made by San Diego, California artist Brian M Jones. He has been creating amazing art, sculpture, and custom projects for over twenty years and is collected internationally in over 30 countries. For a detailed information about the artist behind our artwork, visit our page about the artist.

"I would describe my work as a fusion of modern design and technology, with abstract subject matter which is inspired by the spectacular beauty and simplicity of the natural elements of the earth. Two very contrasting concepts that when blended together, can create a very interesting outcome!" - Brian M Jones

What is different about this art versus traditional canvas and framed art?

  • Our art is often made in separate panels to provide flexible mounting options, which can be arranged horizontally, vertically or in custom configurations to fit any space or installation
  • Our Art is made to create a look of "floating" on your wall - it is designed with special offset hangers to make the art sit off the wall surface  - a very three dimensional and modern look, which can also be back-lit with our LED lighting kit to showcase amazing color and light effects from behind the art
  • Our wall art is frame-less, which makes it appear simple, clean and crisp - to perfectly compliment modern interior design and furniture