Designers & Galleries

At DV8 Studio we provide superior quality, high demand modern wall decor for interior designers, galleries, and industry professionals at special pricing.

When it comes to having the most impressive visual impact, modern abstract metal wall art is on a very short list of decor genres. Making a bold statement that gets instant recognition, while maintaining trending appeal and good taste, is what our art is all about. Our designers and galleries often call us their "best kept secret" because we provide just that, at direct from artist pricing that cant be beat.

At DV8 Studio, we understand the importance of flexibility, quality, communication, and exclusivity when purchasing art for your clients or gallery space and offer:

  • Customization of many current designs including size, color, and format
  • Original art made 100% in the USA by internationally collected and acclaimed metal artist Brian Jones
  • State of the art production capabilities, allowing us to create nearly any metal wall decor piece imaginable
  • Industry professional pricing and quantity discounts
  • One of a kind designs tailored to your brand or design style
  • Considerable experience - serving our business customers since 2010