Buyer’s Guide To Purchasing Abstract Metal Wall Art

If you’re on the market for a piece of abstract metal wall art, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. There are thousands of different options available online, so we completely understand. Even here at DV8 Studio, we have a selection of over 100 different pieces, including both large abstract wall art and abstract metal wall sculptures. Not to mention all of the various LED lighted pieces of abstract metal art that we offer! This guide is meant to give you a place to consider all of your options, and decide which specific piece is the best fit for you and your décor style.

Large Abstract Metal Wall Art

Large Abstract Wall Art – A significant portion of our abstract metal art will fall into this category. There are a few different sizes available, but for the most part, the dimensions tend to be around 68”x24”. This makes it the perfect size for any large, empty wall space you may have! We have virtually any color you can think of, including some very neutral toned pieces, as well as your basic, silver large metal wall art. All of our abstract metal wall art is hand-sanded, hand-painted, and was designed by renowned metal artist, Brian M. Jones. When purchasing from DV8 Studio, you can be sure that you will receive a quality piece of artwork that is one-of-a-kind.

Adrenaline Abstract Metal Art

If you’re looking for something that’s both abstract, large, and incredibly colorful, “Adrenaline” may very well be the piece for you! This design is one of our most popular, and it comes in a few different other color variations, as well. We have similar pieces in green tones and blue tones. The custom, candy paint, the quality of our materials, and the amazing reflections that are created from the hand-sanding of the design, really help to set it apart from other pieces of abstract metal wall art you may find online.

Shockwave Metal Abstract Art

Are neutral tones more your style? If that is the case, you may be better off choosing a piece like “ShockWave.” It’s still large and abstract, but the colors used in this artwork are gold and a reddish tone. While still remaining an eye-catching piece of décor, it may be easier to mix with the colors you already have inside your home. Regardless of which piece of large abstract metal wall art you decide to go with, it’s guaranteed to become the center of attention in any space you place it in.

Purple Abstract Wall Sculpture

Abstract Metal Wall Sculptures – Our abstract wall sculptures are quite a bit different from the regular, large metal wall art that we create. Like all of our pieces, they vary in size and color. These pieces of metal abstract art are different, because they come in many different shapes and designs. With some of them, the metal wall art panels are bent into “wave” designs. Some of them are lighted pieces. However, the best way to explain this particular type of artwork, is to give you a visual. For a better idea of what to expect from these pieces, we’ve included a few of our most popular abstract metal wall sculptures below.

Blue Polka Dotted Abstract Metal Wall Sculpture

This blue polka dotted abstract wall sculpture could not possible be more unique! The dimensions are 26”x6”, which means that if you have a smaller space, this piece of abstract artwork would fit there perfectly! This is one of our “wavy” designs, but If you’re not into blue or polka dots, don’t worry! We create this type of abstract metal art in many other colors and patterns.

Tropical Blue Abstract Metal Wall Art

We also create abstract metal wall sculptures like this piece of tropical blue abstract wall art. The hand-sanded designs on this piece create a “wave-like” texture. This particular piece of artwork is one that would look amazing in a space that has coastal or tropical décor! If you’re looking for something a little larger but still in this style, we offer a piece very similar to this with three panels, so be sure to take a look!

Abstract LED Lighted Wall Art

Abstract LED Lighted Wall Art – Here at DV8 Studio, the artwork we are most known for is our abstract LED lighted wall art! We were one of the first to create these unique pieces of wall art, and we are confident that by handcrafting all of our pieces and with our expertise on the particular design, ours is the best in the business. With each of our lighted metal wall art pieces, you have the ability to control the light settings with an included remote control. You can change the backlight color to any color you like, and you can even change it to switch between colors, lighten or darken, or create a strobe-light effect.

Fracture Lighted Metal Art

Fracture is our newest piece of Abstract LED lighted wall art, and it’s already proving to be very popular! This piece comes with the remote controlled lighting system that we mentioned earlier, but for an additional cost, you can get it with an app that you can download on your SmartPhone. This is not only an incredible piece of abstract artwork, but it also doubles as stylish and innovative accent lighting, as well!

Ammonite LED Metal Wall Art

This is Ammonite, another one of our newest pieces of LED abstract metal art! This one would fit well in a slightly smaller space, as it’s dimensions are 30”x30”. The materials used in this abstract piece are air craft grade aluminum, and the frame is made from reclaimed ash wood. This piece was inspired by ammonite fossils, and the piece comes fully assembled. Your guests will not be able to stop talking about this artwork!

Hopefully, this article has helped you learn a little more about our abstract metal wall art, and has helped you in your purchasing decision! Our abstract designs are incredibly popular, but if that’s not your style, keep in mind that we also create modern, contemporary, and tropical metal wall art, as well! Take a look through our different collections to find the perfect piece of metal art for you!

Once you’ve decided on a piece (or pieces) of abstract metal art, we would love it if you took a picture of your artwork! We’re always looking for customer photos to share on our Instagram and Facebook account. You can either send it to us via email, or post it on your own Instagram page with the hashtag #dv8studio.