About Us

Here at DV8 Studio, most visitors to our website are referred by a friend or family member who have purchased our artwork as a centerpiece for their home. Often described as the "wow factor" our contemporary metal wall art is intended to bring a spectacular energy and ambiance into any living space! With over 10,000 pieces sold throughout the world, our commitment to quality, value, and innovation have been the keys to our success.  We sell 100% hand crafted metal wall art and sculptures direct from American artist Brian M Jones. All of our artwork is truly unique and original, you will not find our pieces for sale at any "big box" store! Since 2009, we have been proud to offer:

  • Amazing value with direct-from-the-artist pricing!
  • Free Shipping, with no minimum order to nearly every state in the USA
  • Satisfaction guaranteed return policy
  • Courteous and Professional Customer Service
  • Accurate, and updated inventory - if you see it here, we have it!
  • With thousands of satisfied customers, we have the experience meet the highest of expectations

All pieces you view on our site are part of a limited edition series, and will be available for a limited time.

Each piece is signed, dated, and delivered with certificate of authenticity by the artist.

Thank you for visiting us! - Take a look around our website to learn more about the artist, the creative process, or just more information about modern metal art in general. See our "FAQ's" page for answers to our most popular questions.


About the Artist:


Brian Jones

San Diego, CA Metal Artist

Brian's work is featured in thousands of private collections, corporate installations, and galleries all across the US, and internationally in 34 Countries

Since 2009 DV8 Studio gallery is the exclusive venue for his metal work, with nearly 10,000 of his pieces sold to date and growing daily!

For more information about Brian and his art, visit our "About the Artist" Page .

Working directly with the artist allows us to offer amazing discounts and pricing you will simply will not find anywhere else.

Each piece in our gallery is original and hand made. Only a limited edition of each design is offered. New designs are featured regularly.

About the Studio:

DV8 studio was founded by artist Brian M Jones in 2009 to showcase his bold and exciting new concepts in metal art design. Since it's inception, the studio has consistently developed new work based on the core values of innovation, uniqueness and quality.  Pioneering new creations such as LED Light Infused Metal Artwork, our passion is bringing fresh new creations to the metal art world.


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About Abstract Metal Wall Art:

One of the most desired styles today, contemporary abstract metal wall art has steadily grown in popularity. Meshing perfectly with modern contemporary architecture and interior decor, along with its unique visual appeal, has made it a top choice for professional interior designers around the world. Natural elements (metals, stones, and woods) can help create a calming and harmonic feeling in ones living space. The “glowing” effect of this particular type of metal (aluminum alloy) develops a warm, relaxing, atmosphere. With natural sunlight during the day, and track lighting in the evening – this artwork will showcase a dazzling movement and reflection of light every time you pass by! Seeing this artwork in person is truly the only way to fully appreciate its beauty.


See our detailed page about Brian's creative process Here.