Is the artwork original and not a print or copy?

  • 100% of the pieces on our website are hand made originals. Some pieces are pre-stocked, otherwise when ordered, the artist will create the piece for you specifically! We do not sell any type of prints, lithographs, copies or otherwise. To see detailed information on how our art is made, see our The Creative Process page.

What if I change my mind or wish to return the artwork?

  • We provide a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee excluding any custom work!  A 25% restocking fee will be deducted.  See our Returns page for full policy details.

After my order is complete, when will my metal artwork ship?

  • All orders will require 1 to 3 weeks handling time before shipment, holiday and pandemic times may increase this by weeks. Tracking information will be updated to you by email once shipment occurs. If your order is customized, or will require more time we will notify you immediately.

What carrier do you ship with?

  • We ship most orders with FedEx - others with USPS, all will have tracking info updated to your email as they ship out.

What is the artwork made from?

  • Premium quality aircraft grade aluminum alloy plate is used to create the artwork - 80% recycled material!

Is the artwork heavy?

  • No, aluminum is extremely light weight and larger metal art pieces will only weigh approximately 8 pounds.

How difficult is it to hang?

  • We make it very simple to hang our larger metal wall art panels by providing a full size paper template which shows exactly where each fastener goes on your wall, with little to no measurements required!

Do the LED lighted pieces use batteries or plug in?

  • All of our lighted artwork plugs into a standard outlet on your wall, no batteries are required.

    Does the art sit flat on the wall, or away from it?

    • The art will be offset from the wall with specially designed mounting brackets which create the amazing look of the art "floating" off the wall. Simple adjustments to the brackets can be made to vary the offset from 1/4" to 2"

    Is lighting required for this type of art?

    • Although not required, lighting is highly recommended to achieve the intended look and spectacular effects of this artwork. This type of metal wall art with transparent candy paint is designed to have light shine through and reflect along the hand polished surfaces beneath - an amazing sight! All of our photos are taken with bright halogen lighting. Simple track light kits available at any home improvement store can be purchased for around $50 to provide light and beauty to your new artwork.

    Can the art be displayed outdoors?

    • Many of our pieces are rated for outdoor use, you will see this designated in the description area on each piece.

    Is the artwork durable?

    • Yes, nearly all pieces are covered with multiple applications of clear coat to protect the art from scratches and UV damage

    Is my information ever shared with third parties?

    • No. We do not share purchase information of any kind with anyone else.