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Take your interior design from ordinary to extraordinary! Upgrade your wall decor with the latest metal wall art from DV8 Studio. We sell 100% original art, made in the USA, and direct from the artist. From our unique large metal wall art and sculpture, to innovative LED pieces, we stock hundreds of bold modern & abstract designs that will engage and delight you and your guests. Find yours now!

Large Metal Wall Art - Top Picks

This Collection of large metal wall art features our most popular designs. Measuring in over 45 inches, they make true statement pieces for your home or office! These metal wall art panels and metal wall sculptures can be hung horizontally, vertically, or any custom arrangement you wish. Find the one that says "You" today!

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Lighted Metal Wall Art - Top Picks

This fascinating wall art features state-of-the-art LED color changing lighting, which is entirely controlled by you, via wireless remote control! It takes the "Cool Factor" to a whole new level! Set the mood in your home or office with literally thousands of possible color and lighting patterns. Pioneered by San Diego Artist Brian Jones, and available exclusively through DV8 Studio. Check out the gallery photos and videos to see these amazing pieces in action. Get yours fast, they are limited edition pieces!

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The Metal Wall Art Blog

Metal wall art ideas - Niches & Indentations, staircases and more!

February 19, 2016

Interesting Ideas to convert those art-barren areas of your home to focal points!
Ideas for wall niches, indentations, staircases, and curved walls - metal art panels and sculptures
Lighted Art - Small Past, Bright Future?

February 09, 2016

Use of lighting in art is a relatively new concept, even more so with the latest LED color changing variety - but artists like myself are dedicated to embracing and exploring the ever-expanding potential of this new technology!   Full Article >