Lighted Wall Art: A Groundbreaking Genre In Art

Cosmic Energy Pictures With Lights


DV8 Studio was founded in 2009, and in 2012, we started creating illuminated artwork! Our first piece of LED lighted wall art was “Cosmic Energy,” and it is the artwork we have pictured in the photo above. It is 68 inches wide, and is a seven panel lighted wall art piece. We also offer a smaller, three panel version. All of the panels are made from premium aluminum, and the designs have been hand-sanded into the surface, creating absolutely breathtaking reflections.

Since 2012, this is the type of artwork we’ve become most well known for, and wall art with lights are becoming more and more popular. Currently, we have fifteen different designs of lighted wall art available, and we are in the process of adding many more. If this type of artwork is one that you’re interested in, make sure you’re following us on Facebook and we’ll let you know when we have new lighted wall art designs available.

Lighted Picture In The Dark

In the late nineties, Brian Jones, world renowned metal artist and owner of DV8 Studio, came across a piece of LED light wall art, and thought that it would make a great addition in his home bar area. In this particular piece of illuminated artwork, the LED lights were made to look like glowing stars in a midnight sky, the fiery red sign of a diner, and bright, radiant headlights of classic cars. Needless to say, he fell in love with the idea of lighted wall art, and felt that the use of LED’s created a bold and dramatic impact.

Smart Phone Controlled Wall Art Lights

The lighted art that we create at DV8 Studio has been designed so that the user has complete control over all aspects of the LED lighting system. This means that they are able to switch between thousands of colors, change the lighting patterns, and adjust the brightness settings. One day, you could be in the mood for a dim, dark purple piece of artwork, and the next day you may want one that is a bright, glowing, neon green. You are able to do that with all of our light up wall art! Right now, our artwork comes with a remote control, but in the very, very near future, you will have the option of controlling the lighting settings of our artwork with a SmartPhone app!

As we mentioned before, we currently have 15 designs of art with lights available. To browse through them all, take a look at our LED Lighted Metal Wall Art collection. If you would like a bit of guidance as to which piece of artwork is a better fit for you, we would be happy to help! We will go over a few different options, sizes, and design styles.

Silver Vibrations Illuminate Art

Silver Vibration is a piece that is the same size as the Cosmic Energy piece we mentioned earlier. It measures at 68” x 24” x 2”, and includes seven individual metal panels. This is one of our larger pieces, and is a great option if you have a large, open space on your wall that could use a piece of artwork. This piece has hand-sanded designs erupting from the center, creating an extremely dramatic effect! If you like this size, but would prefer a different design, also check out Silver Rush, Titan, and Silver Storm.

Wall Art That Lights Up Above Couch

Impulse is still a rather large piece of LED lighted wall art, but it’s smaller than Cosmic Energy and Silver Vibration. The dimensions of this piece are 46” x 22” x 2”. It contains 50 individual metal panels, and it has an abstract geometric design. Impulse has dual zone LED control, which means that you can choose two different colors, which allows a gradient effect to backlight your piece. It is a very unique piece, and one that you’re sure to receive a lot of compliments on! Other pieces that are about this size are Fracture and our Cosmic Energy 3 Panel piece.

LED Light Pictures Blue On Wall

Want to add a pop of color in a smaller space? If so, you may like Rip Curl. This is another piece of lighted wall art, but as you can see, it has been painted our very own Hawaiian blue color. As you can see in the photo, it looks amazing in the daytime, but it looks even better in the dark! It is a single panel piece, and measures at 45” x 9” x 2”. If you’re not a fan of the blue color, we do offer a similar piece that is all silver called Light Wave.

Backlit Wall Art Ammonite

If you’re looking for an even smaller piece of wall art that lights up, choose Ammonite! It’s dimensions are 30” x 30” x 1.5”, and this piece was inspired by ammonite fossils which you will often find embedded in stone. The metal is air craft grade aluminum, and the wooden frame is made of solid reclaimed hardwood ash. Like all of our lighted wall hangings, this not only serves as an eye-catching piece of wall décor, but it also makes for incredible accent lighting! This is perfect if your or your child are in need of a decorative night light.

Purple Wall Art Lighting

Lastly, if you’re looking for more of a sculpture type of illuminated artwork, check out our Aurora Torchiere Series. The piece we have pictured is in our candy purple color, but this particular piece comes in several different colors, so be sure do take a look around! This lighted artwork is approximately 28” x 12” x 8”, and includes five, individual hand sanded and hand painted metal wall art panels in a “curve” shape.

Are you a fan of lighted wall art? If so, which of our pieces do you prefer? If you have any questions about our LED lighted wall art, feel free to reach out to us! As we stated previously, we will be rolling out quite a few new designs very soon, so be sure to check our site often, or keep an eye on our various social media channels. We will be sure to let you know as soon as they become available!