"Rhythmic Curves - Blue Dots" Metal Wall Art Sculpture

"Rhythmic Curves - Blue Dots / Black" Metal wall sculpture features a clean modern abstract geometric design with blue dots and is 100% hand made by the artist!
Measures: 28" x 6" x 2" (For Vertical Display) consisting of  two curved metal art panels - completely assembled.

Style/Type: Modern, Abstract, with Geometric Shapes - Metal Wall Sculpture

Artist: Brian Jones - San Diego, CA - Art is Shipped with Certificate of Authenticity and Signed by the Artist

Display and Mounting: Art is hand crafted from aluminum alloy and only weighs about 2 lbs - so it is very light and can be mounted on nearly any wall type. Simply hang with your wall fastener of choice. Comes ready to hang vertically. Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Display (direct sunlight exposure is not recommended)

Recommended Lighting: LED White (3000K) or Halogen Track Lighting

Material: Light Weight Air Craft Grade Aluminum Panels

Color: This abstract wall sculpture features geometric blue and black patterned highlights with a black gloss base color. Dramatic contrasts in the sculptures appearance can be achieved with track lighting and/or positioning of the art properly with regard to background reflections and colors.

Every limited edition series piece is hand made and one of a kind. Each will have its own unique nuances & details, and may differ slightly from the pictured example.

Category: black, Blue, Silver

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