"Radiant Pulse - Blue / Orange" " 60" x 28" x 2" " Large Metal Wall Sculpture

""Radiant Pulse" Large Metal Wall Sculpture - This unique metal decor adds a big splash of color and sharp modern style to your space! Features a three dimensional design that floats off the wall with dramatic shadowing and depth! 

Measures: 90" x 18" x 2" (Vertical Display Size) and 60" x 28" x 2" (Horizontal Display Size) with 3 separate metal art panels measuring approximately 30" x 20" each.

Style/Type: Large Metal Wall Sculpture

Artist: Brian Jones - San Diego, CA - Art is Shipped with Certificate of Authenticity and Signed by the Artist

Display and Mounting: Although large in size, the art is made from aluminum alloy and only weighs about 3 lbs per panel - so it is very light and can be mounted on nearly any wall type. Simply extend the metal hanger brackets on each piece and hang with your wall fastener of choice - each is adjustable to allow you to space the art panels off the wall for a captivating "floating" look. Comes ready to hang vertically or horizontally. Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Display (direct sunlight exposure is not recommended)

Recommended Lighting: LED White (3000K) or Halogen Track Lighting

Material: Light Weight Air Craft Grade Aluminum

Color: This large metal wall sculpture features a mix of bright colors (tropical blues, and oranges) highlighted with a black gloss background color. Dramatic contrasts in the sculptures appearance can be achieved with track lighting and/or positioning of the art properly with regard to background reflections and colors.

Category: Art, Blue, Large, Metal, orange, Wall

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