Colorful Abstract Metal Wall Art By Brian M. Jones

This is an extremely colorful abstract metal wall art piece. The artwork includes shades of blue, orange, and red, while being centered in the middle of a silver frame. 


    • Dimensions: 30" W x 20" H x 2" D
    • Material: Premium Aluminum Plate
    • Style: Modern Abstract Wall Art
    • Weight: Approximately 8 lbs
    • Hanging Difficulty: Easy, 10 -15 Minutes
    • Colors: Blue, Orange, Red, Silver


Maintenance & Care

  • Simply wipe down with a soft, damp towel to clean panels
  • Halogen or LED White Track lighting is recommended for maximum viewing effect


Each order is handcrafted and will have it’s own unique details and nuances. It may also differ lightly from the pictured example.

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Category: Art, Blue, Medium, Metal, orange, red, Silver, Wall

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