LED Artwork


We are very excited to offer our new LED back-lighted color changing artwork to our fans and customers! Pioneered by San Diego, CA artist Brian M Jones, these new pieces are completely interactive with wireless remote controlled LED's, and will amaze you and your guests with spectacular lighting effects -the ultimate "wow factor"! Our new color changing LED artwork allows the viewer to control the color, brightness, and mode of their artwork lighting! Features include:

  • Change to thousands of custom colors - choose any color that fits your mood, or event!
  • Lighting Modes like flash, jump, fade, and auto (or party mode as we like to call it!)
  • Control the dimming function of the lighting with complete control of brightness
  • Ultra efficient LED lighting requires very little power to operate
  • Includes 44 key wireless remote control, LED lighting and Power Supply

Video of our LED Lighted Artwork in Action


Other LED Pieces ready to order: