"Eclipse" Extra Large LED Lighted Geometric 40" x 40" Metal Wall Art

Eclipse, Extra Large, 40"x40"

Limited Edition LED Series - This amazing piece is infused with LED lighting which is controlled by the viewer, allowing the ability to add your own personalized style to the artwork. Interact and Instantly change the look and feel of your art with the press of a button via wireless remote control.

This piece of art is a simply stunning work of high tech art. The amazing holographic appearance is achieved by a combination of skillful texturing of the metal surfaces, and artfully sculpting the reflecting layers to create depth and dynamic range. Each section is independently off-set from the base and back-lighted, revealing amazing layers of depth - appearing to "float" inside the piece!  This means you can have 2 different colors displayed at any given time, allowing the contrast and blending of color throughout the piece. This is just scratching the surface of the capabilities the LED system has. The user can fade, jump, and flash different colors and patterns with the pre-programmed buttons on the remote, as well as create custom colors with infinite possibilities. Very simple to hang and operate - plugs into a wall outlet. 

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