"A16P Green Flame 3D" 40"x24" Green Aluminum Modern Abstract Metal Wall Art Sculpture

"Green Flame 3D" Candy Painted Modern Metal Wall Art

Approximately 40" in length x 24" in height x 2" deep

Artwork consists of 3 individual hand sanded and painted pieces

Recommended Lighting - Halogen or LED White Track Light


Brian M Jones - San Diego, CA

Artwork Shipped with Certificate of Authenticity
Display & Mounting:

Comes Ready to Hang

Indoor/Outdoor Display

Material: Premium Aluminum Plate

Color: Natural hand polished and sanded aluminum, Candy Greens

Every limited edition series piece is hand made, with its own unique nuances & details! Each may differ slightly from the pictured example.

UV and scratch resistant clear coat applied

Category: Art, green, Medium, Metal, Silver, Wall

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