Why You Need A Piece Of LED Wall Art

January 04, 2017 1 Comment

LED Wall Art With Blue Lights

We are incredibly proud to say, that at DV8 Studio, we were one of the first companies to create LED wall art. We started creating wall art with lights in 2012, and our first design was “Cosmic Energy,” a piece of artwork with seven metal wall art panels. Now, it’s one of the products we’re most known for. That being said, this is a type of artwork that many people still haven’t heard of. We’ve decided to run through a few different highlights of LED wall art, and briefly explain why we think you could benefit from a having a piece of this type of artwork in your home or office.

  • As we’ve already mentioned, many people have never even seen a piece of wall art with lights. Some people may not even know that this type of artwork exists. It’s for that very reason, that a piece of LED wall art will make an extremely unique addition to any space. If standing out from the crowd and having something new and innovative is important to you, this would be the perfect piece of artwork for you!
  • Not only are the LED lights beautiful and mesmerizing, but they also add a decent amount of light to a room. It would be perfect for dimly lit areas, or a space where you’re trying to create a bit of a different atmosphere. All of our LED lighted pieces come with a remote control, and with it, you’re able to change the color of your wall art to any color you like. You can also set the colors to fade, flash, or brighten.
  • There is definitely an entertaining quality about these pieces. They are visually appealing, and the lighting effects tend to change the mood in a room. Depending on the piece and the lighting settings you decide to go with, you may find that the piece makes you feel more relaxed and peaceful, or maybe even more energized and creative.

Led Wall Art With Pink Lights

We hope you enjoy our pieces of LED wall art as much as we do! These are just a few of the reasons we think that they make a great addition to any home or office. If you have one already, let us know what some of your favorite things about it are!

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March 16, 2017

You show some beautiful LED art, but for most homes you’re behind the curve, somewhat. To install these requires an electrician, and all the costs associated. It’s hard to justify 6-7X the costs of these panels, just in infrastructure. I am looking at some of your other stuff, though.

But to really compete, it would be a great idea for you to go battery operated, either straight up or with rechargeable plates- similar to cordless lamps. Sure, that adds a bit to the cost of the panel, but it avoids tearing up walls for something as fungible as modern to contemporary art.

Let me know if you integrate this technology. I’d love it!

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