How To Use Abstract Metal Wall Art In Modern Decor

December 07, 2016

How To Use Abstract Metal Wall Art In Modern Decor

Some of the more common characteristics of modern decor are bright light, subtle colors with accents of a more vibrant color, natural elements, and metal details. This is what makes abstract metal wall art the perfect addition to any space that is following the modern decor style.

With the piece being made of metal, it is obviously containing the metal details that are so common in this decor style. However, these amazing pieces of artwork can contain many of the other common characteristics, as well, such as bright light, subtle colors, and vibrant colors.

Red Infinity Abstract Metal Wall Art

With our pieces of abstract wall decor, each design is hand-sanded into the surface of the metal. This creates astonishing reflections of bright light, while also producing an assortment of different shades and hues. The piece featured above, “Red Infinity,” is ideal for modern decor, as it contains the neutral, silver color of aluminum, but also has a bright, candy red accent across the middle.  If red is not your color, this piece comes in many other colors, too!

If you’re looking for more subtle colors, we offer pieces in neutrals, browns, and copper tones. On the other hand, if you’re looking to add a pop of color, we offer artwork in nearly every color you could imagine. Lime green, fire orange, Hawaiian blue, you name it! Choose a color that matches a color you already have in the room, or if the room is neutral, you can add a multi-color piece that really makes a statement.

Have you used an abstract piece of metal art to decorate your home or office? We would love to see how great it looks! Share it with us on our Facebook page or post it to Instagram with the hashtag, #dv8studio, and we’ll be sure to see it!

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