Top 5 Pieces Of Extra Large Metal Wall Art

January 16, 2017 1 Comment

If you have an incredibly large wall space to fill, some of our wall art just might not be big enough. That’s why we’ve created extra large metal wall art! This wall art is over 70 inches in length, and is the perfect solution for adding style to a large space. To help you choose a piece that will look the best in your home, we’ve put together a list of our top five pieces of extra large wall art.

Aqua Curves Big Metal Wall Art

Aqua Curves – This piece has a tropical vibe to it, and features hues of aqua and blue candy paint. There are three separate panels, and you have the option of hanging them however you want, whether that be at an angle, vertically, or stacked directly above one another. This piece is 74” x 27”, and while it’s still extra large, it’s the smallest of our extra large wall art selection.

Cosmic II Silver Extra Large Metal Wall Art

Cosmic II – This piece is mostly silver, and because it’s so neutral, it would fit well in any room, regardless of the colors of your current décor! The designs are hand-sanded into the premium aluminum plates, and create breath-taking reflections! This piece is definitely on the extra large side at 76” x 30”.

Silver Circle Wall Art

Day Dream – This is another neutral, silver piece, and the hand-sanded swirls help to make it more of an abstract piece of metal wall art. This extra large piece contains three separate metal wall art panels, and it is 76” x 30”. This would look amazing in a room with a mix of modern and abstract décor.

Extra Large Copper Metal Wall Art

Vanishing Point – We offer a smaller version of this, but if you’re looking for an extra large piece, this would be the one for you! The great thing about Vanishing Point, is that it will still add a bit of color, while remaining neutral. There are three metal wall panels, hand-painted with brown, copper, gold, and black candy paint. The dimensions are 76” x 30”.

Clock Work Extra Large Metal Wall Art

Clock Work – An incredibly unique piece of extra large metal wall art! This piece contains three individual, hand-sanded panels, and comes in at 70” x 30”. The pieces are hand-painted with brown, gold, and black candy paint, featuring a clock design. It’s a piece of metal wall art that will definitely make a statement, and can even help to bring an industrial feeling to your décor.

Which of these pieces are your favorites? Are there any of our pieces that you wished came in an extra large size? Let us know in the comment section below, or reach out to us on Facebook!

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January 19, 2017

Hi, very interested in your work. Looking for a tropical vibe like "Typhoon " or " Blue Flame".
Only issue, I need 40 " height x 110" Its a big wall and I need turquoise & blues . It’s an outdoor patio in Florida. Can you tell me the possibilities? I have a triptych with 3 turtles in acrylic and would like to change it for something more unique like your art !
Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

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