Our Top 5 Most Abstract Pieces Of Metal Wall Art

January 23, 2017

Abstract metal wall art is incredibly popular at the moment, and while we create many different types of wall art, whether that be contemporary wall art, metal wall sculptures, accent pieces, or lighted wall art, we wanted to take a moment to highlight a few of the most abstract pieces we have available!

Cascade Metal Wall Art Panels

Cascade – This beautiful piece of metal wall art is hand-painted with custom paint in various hues of Hawaiian blue, electric blue, and aqua. There are seven individual pieces with hand-sanded designs, and like all of our pieces of metal wall art, it comes with a hanging template to make wall-mounting as quick and easy as possible!

Adrenaline Metal Wall Artwork

Adrenaline – If you are looking for a piece of metal wall art that is not only abstract, but also incredibly colorful, Adrenaline is the perfect piece for you! Pink, green, yellow, orange, and purple candy paint were used in the creation of this piece, ensuring that it will be an eye-catching piece of wall art in any room!

Copper Metal Wall Art

Infinite Abyss – Are neutral, earth-tones more your style? If so, Infinite Abyss may be a piece of abstract metal wall art that interests you! This piece includes shades of copper, gold, and brown. While this piece will still help to add color to your space, it also makes it easy for you to match it with your current décor.

Ocean Blue Main Attraction Contemporary Metal Wall Art

Main Attraction – The piece in the photo is in our candy ocean blue color, but Main Attraction comes in a variety of colors, if you prefer a different color. There are seven individual hand-sanded pieces, and the designs in the aluminum panels create amazing reflections that are visible from all angles!

Inferno Fire Metal Wall Art Panels

Inferno – It doesn’t get more abstract than this! This beautiful piece of metal wall art includes shades of red, orange, and yellow, giving it a fiery look. Your guests will not be able to stop talking about this piece, and will definitely have a hard time keeping their eyes off of it!

Did we leave one of your favorite pieces of abstract metal wall art off this list? Let us know in the comment section! We love hearing your input!

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