Our Best-Selling Tropical Wall Art

March 05, 2017

Our Best-Selling Tropical Wall Art

Originally, tropical wall art and coastal décor became popular in homes along the coast. Particularly, the Atlantic coast. Now, this style is trending all around the world, and people of all ages seem to enjoy the tropical look! We have a few different tropical wall art designs for you to choose from!

Typhoon Tropical Wall Art

Typhoon – Not only is this piece one of our best-selling pieces of tropical wall art, but it’s one of our top sellers, over all! This piece has a great mixture of vibrant hues, including Hawaiian blue, aqua, and jewel-tones. The piece has a “wave-like” design hand-sanded into the surface of the aluminum, which is great for any room with a tropical or coastal feel to it! There are seven separate metal panels, and while the artwork may look heavy, it only weights around 8 lbs.




Rip Tide Tropical Wall Art

Rip Tide – This is one of our metal wall art sculptures, and it includes 12 separate hand-formed metal art panels. These panels can be arranged in any design you like, and each piece was hand-painted with amazing, tropical inspired colors! This is a piece that is sure to become a focal point in any home, office, or business that it is placed in.





Aqua Curves Tropical Wall Art

Aqua Curves – This metal wall sculpture has wave patterns hand-painted with blue candy paint on it’s three separate metal art panels. Like Typhoon and Rip Tide, you are able to place these in any direction or arrangement that compliments your space the best. It’s not hard to feel like you’re in a tropical environment when this piece of tropical wall art is nearby!





Some other common themes in the tropical décor style are open space, airy fabrics, tropical and jewel-toned colors, and beachy accents. Mix these in with tropical wall art, and you’ll be sure to create a coastal paradise inside your home! In the comment section below, let us know which piece is your favorite. Additionally, if you know someone who is looking for tropical art work, feel free to share this post with them!

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