Metal Wall Artwork For Your Dining Room

January 27, 2017

Metal Wall Artwork For Your Dining Room

If we had to guess which room in a home had become the most popular spot for our metal wall artwork, we would guess the living room. This makes a lot of sense, as it’s a great place to add artwork, and usually, there is a lot of empty wall space. Another room where we think our metal wall artwork would make a great addition, is a dining room! Often times, there is a lot of wall space available in dining rooms, as well. Below, we’ve outlined a few of our pieces that we think would look amazing in a dining room.

Vanishing Point Metal Wall Artwork

Vanishing Point – This is one of our best-selling pieces of metal wall artwork, and is perfect if you’re sticking with neutral tones in your dining room. The metal artwork has amazing shades of gold, copper, and brown, while still giving off incredible reflections.





Silver Large Metal Wall Artwork

ShockWave – Here is another neutral-colored piece, but this one is a little more abstract, if that is more your style. This is a piece that is sure to become the center of attention in your dining room, and your dinner guests will most likely have never seen anything like it!





Grand Oasis Tropical Metal Wall Artwork

Grand Oasis – If you have a lot of greenery or houseplants around your home, Grand Oasis could be a terrific fit for your dining room! This piece also has more of a tropical, Zen feel to it, which could help you de-stress when you and your family are gathered around the dinner table after a hard day!





We have over 100 designs of metal wall artwork to choose from! Be sure to take a look around our site, and you will surely find a piece that matches your design style and the colors you’ve chosen to decorate your home with! Let us know which piece you choose, and after you’ve mounted it, feel free to send us photos. We’d love to see how it looks!

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