How To Create A Modern Space

February 23, 2017

How To Create A Modern Space

If you’ve recently decided to completely redecorate your home, it may be hard to decide what types of pieces to add to your décor to make it look a little more modern. Fortunately, we are huge fans of the modern design trend, and we’ve put together a few ideas for you.

Modern Metal Wall Art Copper Infinity

Modern Metal Wall Art – We offer over 100 designs of metal wall art, and many of our pieces lean more towards the modern and contemporary side! The one featured in the photo above is Copper Infinity, and while that particular piece features a vibrant shade of copper in the center, we also offer this piece in a variety of other colors!

Neutral Colors

Neutral Shades – Remember, just because you’re using neutral shades, doesn’t mean you have to use the same shade throughout the entire space. You can vary it up, and these neutral shades will create a great base that will allow you to add any other colors or patterns that you like!

Glass Coffee Table

Glass Coffee Table – This makes a great addition, because not only can it become a focal point on it’s own, but it’s also versatile in the sense that you could add decorative items on top of it. Some ideas are fresh flowers, a coffee table tray, or various books. This is a table that we found on

Silver Mirror

Silver Accent Pieces – These are very popular in modern décor, so they’re very easy to find. Some pieces of furniture already have silver accents, but if not, look for things like lamps, mirrors, book ends, or coffee table centerpieces.

We hope that this has provided you with at least a little bit of home décor inspiration! For more, be sure to check out our boards on Pinterest. We have a few different boards that cater to the modern design style, but we also cover several other styles, as well! Share your photos of modern metal wall art on Instagram with the hashtag #dv8studio, and we may feature them on our Facebook and Instagram accounts!

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