How To Choose A Piece Of Lighted Wall Art

January 12, 2017

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog, chances are, you’ve already decided that you need a piece of lighted wall art in your home. We don’t blame you! They’re a gorgeous addition to any room, and really help to add the “wow” factor. If you need a little help deciding which of our pieces is the best fit for you, you’re in the right place.

Lighted Wall Art Panels Above CouchCosmic Energy
– If you have a large space available, Cosmic Energy is one of your best bets. This piece of lighted wall art is 68” x 24”, and would look great above a couch, above a bed, or on any large, empty wall that you have. Another lighted piece we have that is similar in size is Vibration. It is also a silver piece, but you will find that the designs that are hand-sanded into the aluminum are quite different.



Impulse LED Wall Art With Lights

Impulse – This piece of lighted wall art is a little more abstract. It’s also more of a medium size, so if you need something that’s not so large, this may be the piece that you choose to go with. It’s 46” x 22”, and while still large enough to not look awkward above a couch, you may also find that it fits a little better in spaces where a larger piece may look too cramped.  Our 3 panel Cosmic Energy is another lighted piece of wall art that is around the same dimensions.



Lighted Wall Art Sculpture

Aurora Torchiere Series – Are you looking to fill a smaller space? Take a look at our Aurora Torchiere Series of lighted wall art! This particular piece is in shades of candy green, but we offer this piece in a variety of colors, so be sure to check them out. At 28” x 12”, it’s one of the smaller lighted pieces that we offer.





Which piece did you design to go with? Make sure you take a look around our site, as there are pieces of lighted wall art that were not mentioned. We may also have new designs!

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