Different Types Of Metal Wall Artwork

December 21, 2016

Metal wall artwork can refer to a lot of different types of art pieces, but here at DV8 Studio, we wanted to explain exactly what products we offer, and the differences between them. With over 100 different pieces of metal wall art on our site, we offer quite a few different pieces. Our three main categories are lighted wall art, metal wall sculptures, and metal wall art panels.

Lighted Wall Art

Lighted Wall Art Above Bed

LED wall art is perhaps the product we’re most known for, and we were one of the first to create a piece of artwork like this. These pieces are backlighted with RGB LED lighting, which is controlled by a remote. You are able to set your artwork to be any color you like, and adjust the light settings to fade, jump, or flash. Not only do these pieces look incredible during the day, but they’re even more mesmerizing at night, and can help to provide a little light in any room you place them in!

Metal Art Sculpture

Metal Art Sculpture Rip Tide

We create many different metal wall art sculpture designs, but one of our most popular, is the one featured above. It is called “Rip Tide,” and it is a large metal wall art sculpture. Be sure to take a look around at all the different pieces in this category, since it contains a lot of pieces that are all very unique and different from each other. Some of them have been bent into “wavy” designs, and some are even lighted.

Metal Wall Art Panels

Typhoon Metal Wall Art Panels

In this category, we design large and extra large metal wall art, all of which are on panels. The pieces are usually either three, five, or seven panels. One of our best selling pieces of panel artwork is “Typhoon,” a piece of tropical wall art. Again, there is a wide variety of pieces available in this category. There are some lighted pieces, and nearly all of them can be hung horizontally or vertically, if you’re looking for a piece of vertical metal wall art.

What types of pieces do you prefer? You may even find that you prefer a piece that is a combination of these categories, such as a lighted sculpture piece, or a lighted panel! Either way, we’re confident that at DV8 Studio, you can find a piece of artwork that is perfect for your home or office!

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