Copper Wall Art

January 11, 2017

We’re noticing that copper wall art is becoming more and more popular, and we can understand why! It’s a color that’s not only beautiful, but it’s one that is a little more neutral, and easy to mix with colors you may already have in your home’s décor. Here at DV8 Studio, we offer several pieces of wall art in a copper shade, and we have put together this list so that you can view them all quickly and easily!

Cosmic Energy Copper Wall Art

Copper Cosmic Energy – While copper is still a more neutral color, this piece of wall art has an incredibly vibrant finish, and the hand-sanded designs in the aluminum only add to that! This piece creates mesmerizing reflections, and would make a great addition to any room that is lacking a focal point.




Copper Infinity Wall Art

Copper Infinity – Like all of our pieces of wall art, this piece can be hung horizontally or vertically, whichever way you prefer! Copper Infinity includes seven, individual, natural hand-polished and sanded aluminum panels, and the entire piece has a bright strip of copper candy paint going right across the center.




Vortex Copper Abstract Metal Wall Art

Vortex – If you’re looking for a piece of wall art that includes shades of copper, but also includes other colors, Vortex is another option! This piece has also includes earth-toned and gold candy paint, which still helps to keep it more of a neutral piece.





Radiant Pulse Copper Metal Art Sculpture

Radiant Pulse – Maybe instead of copper metal wall art panels, you’re looking for more of a metal sculpture. If that’s the case, we recommend Radiant Pulse! This piece is 90” x 20” and includes three individual panels. This would make a very unique addition to your home, and would look great in any room, whether than be a living room, bedroom, or dining room!


These are just a few of our pieces of copper wall art. Feel free to take a look around our website and find the piece that is perfect for you!

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