Benefits Of Adding Metal Wall Art Panels To Your Home

January 25, 2017

Benefits Of Adding Metal Wall Art Panels To Your Home

A large majority of the artwork that we create at DV8 Studio are metal wall art panels. We have three, four, five, and seven panel designs available. You may be familiar with this type of artwork, but you may not know what some of the advantages to having a piece like this are! We hope to fill you in below.

  • This type of artwork is incredibly modern! Many people are choosing to decorate their homes in a more modern or contemporary style these days, which would make metal wall art panels a great addition! Modern-styled homes aren’t the only styles they’ll look nice with, though. They are versatile pieces, and would blend well in any style of home, whether that be traditional, rustic, or industrial.
  • You can hang them virtually anywhere! With there being individual panels, it makes them much easier to hang in places where other pieces of art may not fit properly. This includes wall nitches and indents, staircases, or curved walls. Being able to arrange each piece individually makes it easy for you to hang wherever you like!
  • They’re quick and easy to hang! Every metal wall art panel that we sell comes with a full-size wall hanging template. Most pieces don’t weigh over 8 lbs, and it should only take around 10-15 minutes to fully complete the installation.
  • Our metal wall art panels are easy to clean and maintain! With other pieces of artwork or home décor, sometimes dust tends to cling on to them and make them harder to clean. With our pieces of wall art, you simply wipe the panels down with a soft, damp towel.

There are several other reasons why we feel that our metal wall art panels would make a great addition to your home! If you have one of your own, what are some of your favorite things about the piece?

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