Metal wall art ideas - Niches & Indentations, staircases and more!

February 19, 2016 1 Comment

Metal Art Panels and wall sculptures - Perfect Art for Wall Niches, Indentations,  Staircases, and more!

Wall niche ideas - Metal wave art sculpture by Brian Jones


 This Piece: "Rhythmic Curves Silver / Black" Metal Wave Sculpture by Brian Jones

Wall wave sculptures are a perfect fit in wall niches & indents. These pieces are also spaced from the wall slightly to create a beautiful drop shadow, further complimenting the depth of the indention feature!

Staircase wall art ideas - metal wall panel art from DV8 Studio

This Piece: "Silver Rush" Custom sized modern metal art panels by Brian Jones

Metal Art Panels are the perfect artwork for those harder to decorate areas such as staircases, stair wells, curved or offset / inset walls and vaulted ceiling walls. The unique ability to arrange each piece independently makes it an extremely versatile wall art choice!

Wall art for curved wall - modern metal wall panels

This Piece: "Light Speed" Custom Descending Style Metal Art Panels by Brian Jones

Custom sized descending metal art panels can be used to create a stunning decor center piece on curved walls - one of the most difficult areas to decorate! 

What other areas around the home or office do you find difficult to get art displayed? Let us know in the comment section below!

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