"Elegant Chaos" 68"x 24" Silver Aluminum Large Metal Wall Art Panels with Contemporary Abstract Design by Artist Brian Jones - DV8 Studio

"Elegant Chaos" A high energy expression and statement piece with a very bold abstract pattern executed with beautiful technique! This large contemporary piece makes an excellent focal point, and elevates the energy level in any space. Great artwork for living rooms, modern conference rooms, home bar areas, and game rooms! 

Measures: 68" x 24" x 2" (Over 5 feet wide!) with 7 separate metal art panels ranging 6-12" each, the biggest being 12" by 24".

Artist: Brian Jones - San Diego, CA - Art is Shipped with Certificate of Authenticity and Signed by the Artist

How to Display and Mount the Panels: Although it is very sizable, the art only weighs about 8 lbs - so it is very light and can be mounted on nearly any wall type. Simply extend the hanger brackets on each piece and hang on your wall fastener of choice - each is adjustable to allow you to space the art panels off the wall for a beautiful "floating"  look. Comes ready to hang vertically and includes a full size wall template to make the perfect installation in minutes, with horizontal instructions also included. Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Display (although direct sunlight is not recommended)

Recommended Lighting: LED White (3000K) or Halogen Track Lighting

Material: Light Weight Air Craft Grade Aluminum

Color: This piece is 100% natural aluminum with no paint added. The art is highly reflective and will often mirror the color and tones around it - dramatic contrasts in the artwork's appearance can be achieved with track lighting and/or positioning of the art properly with regard to background reflections and colors.

Every limited edition series piece is hand made and one of a kind. Each will have its own unique nuances & details, and may differ slightly from the pictured example.

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