Cool Facts About LED Lighting

November 12, 2013

  • A LED Lamp is a light emitting diode (LED) that is assembled into a lamp (or bulb) for use in lighting fixtures
  • Unlike most fluorescent lamps (e.g. tubes and CFL lights), LED lights come to full brightness without need for any warm-up time
  • LED lamps have a lifespan and electrical efficiency that is several times better than incandescent lights, and significantly better than most florescent lights
  • LED chips need controlled direct current of only 12 volts (DC) electrical power; and are far safer than their 110V AC counterparts
  • LED lights keep cool during operation, and are safe to touch, unlike common light bulbs
  • RGB (red, green, blue) LED Lights like the ones we use on our artwork, combine the 3 primary colors in differing amounts to create almost any color imaginable!

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